Circular Logic - Who We Are
Who We Are

We're experts in loyalty data

Our core strength is leveraging loyalty data. We know the complexities of dealing with customer-specific data and have developed an algorithm specifically to extract the critical information needed to accurately measure the relevance of every item.

We're experts at personalization via email and the web

We're not talking about simply changing the customer's name...we're talking full, dynamic personalization, so that each customer's experience is totally unique. Circular Logic is built on a technology platform that includes a proprietary email personalization engine and database-driven web server capabilities.

We're grocery people

Circular Logic was built by a grocery veteran that understands the challenges of grocery retail and knows how important efficiency and cost control is. The Circular Logic program is the result of a focused effort to leverage loyalty data in a way that will generate incremental profit for grocery retailers.

"The quickest path to building customer loyalty and ultimately customer value is by making it as easy as possible for your customers to do business with you repeatedly."

Michael Shostak - The True Value of Loyalty Programs
Our Discovery

We discovered a way to unleash the power of weekly specials

If you are a grocery retailer, your weekly ad is your most powerful weapon in the weekly battle for customers.

The Circular Logic program unleashes the power of those specials and generates even more impact by targeting each customer with the weekly offers that are most motivating to them.

We discovered a customer service that can drive sales

Customers love the way the Circular Logic program uses loyalty data to help them save at your store.

This powerful customer service doesn't greet them at the entrance, it reaches them at home with a personalized invitation to visit your store for savings on the items they buy most.

Our Philosophy

We have a love/hate relationship with technology

Our passion is marketing and more specifically, loyalty marketing. We HATE the way so many technology efforts have failed to deliver on the promise of getting more out of loyalty data. We LOVE what technology can do when it is designed to address a specific business need. Take a look at the system we've built and we think you'll start to love technology also.

We're focused on profitability - YOURS!

The Circular Logic system was custom-built to address the financial challenges and intense competition faced by grocery retailers. The program is designed to pay for itself by generating incremental store visits at the lowest possible cost. Contact us for a demo of the program and let us show you how Circular Logic can improve your bottom line.

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