Circular Logic - What We Do
We Leverage Your Weekly Ad To Create a Powerful Targeted Promotion

The core of the program is a process that identifies, for each customer, the best offers from each week's ad, based on that customer's purchase history.

Our process integrates loyalty card data with information on the weekly specials to identify the offers that will be most motivating for each customer. Our proprietary method generates a relevance measure for every item in the ad for every customer.

We create a web-friendly version of every single offer in your weekly ad.

We standardize every single ad feature into our full-color Circular Logic format, so that we can efficiently communicate the offers to your customers via email and the web site.

We send a personalized email to each customer featuring their "Top Specials"

On the first day of each ad week, enrolled customers receive a personalized email featuring the top items from the ad based on their personal shopping history with their card.

We Take the Costs Out of Target Marketing

Efficient Email Replaces Direct Mail

Postage costs make the financials difficult for traditional targeted marketing via direct mail.

Circular Logic leverages email and the web to achieve targeted communications at the lowest possible cost.

NO coupon costs

Our method of targeting your existing weekly specials eliminates the need to fund additional promotional incentives.

You achieve promotional impact by more effectively communicating your existing ad specials.

Circular Logic generates profitable promotional support every single week of the year

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