Circular Logic - What It Does


Circular Logic is a comprehensive program that generates impact on several fronts. Below are some of the key outcomes with supporting testimonials pulled directly from customer comments.

Note: Emails included an open ended request for customer feedback.
Delivers Powerful Customer Service
Communicating directly with each customer to provide personalized reasons why they need to visit your store each week - now that's a
powerful customer service!
This is terrific. I especially like the personal pages which are created for me...This helps me to put together my grocery list quickly so that I can efficiently shop! Thanks for the service! What a great reminder--easy to read and love the personal section--thanks for looking out for me!
It's great! I love the fact that you can make a shopping list so easily! And, then to email or print your shopping list is helpful, too! I like receiving the e-mail update on the weekly specials that reflect my buying habits. It saves a lot of time. Thanks
I find your email program surprisingly useful. Don't have to plough through all those paper pages to get to the few items that interest me. I love this. I just did my shopping list and printed it out, what a great time saver.
I love MY top specials being emailed to me. This is great! I love being able to make my grocery list online. This has made my life so much easier. Thanks!

Extends Reach Of Weekly Ad
Advertising only works if customers see it. Reach more customers with Circular Logic.
Love the convenience of receiving notification of your specials in this manner; your weekly specials circular is not included in our little local paper/flyer.
GREAT! I appreciate the notice of sales on the items I normally buy because I don't always get a chance to see the circular in the paper.
I think it's great that you identify things that I usually buy. With a baby at home and a full-time job, I don't have a lot of time to browse the specials. Plus, we don't receive the weekly flyer in the mail anymore. This is a great way to shop! Keep up the good work!

Drives Incremental Store Visits
Promotional programs have the most impact on sales and profitability when
they are successful in getting more customers to shop your store.
That's exactly what Circular Logic was built to do!
This email was very helpful to me in making out my shopping list and deciding which supermarket to do my major food-buying in. Whichever market has the best buys for my needs is where I will do it all for that week. It is good to be notified when products that I normally buy go on sale. It might mean an extra stop at the store but the savings are worth it. Thanks.
I love having you send me this, I do come in and buy these items when I am in need of them and sometimes when I am not!!Thank you so much I like seeing the ads. It reminds me that I have to shop, or send someone. I love this service - it reminds me when I should go to the store.

Accurately Prioritizes Weekly Ad Specials
Our proprietary relevance algorithm pays off with high customer interest.
I am pleasantly amazed how well you target our buying tastes and needs. This email feature you all started is super.
It's a convenient way to keep track of the weekly specials without having to keep the newspaper inserts around, and it is amazingly accurate in highlighting those items we have purchased in the past.
I already bought most of these products before I even opened the email. Wow! I am impressed with your research and analysis of what I would like. Thanks

Differentiates From Competition
With everybody competing on price, customer service has become a key competitive factor. Be the first in your market to use loyalty data to serve the customer.
Your site is the best grocery store site I have seen, especially being able to create a shopping list, and also your recommendations based on what I usually buy. Thanks!
This is my first newsletter, and it is great! I appreciate all of the different specials on here and it is certainly much better than the e-mails I get from other grocery stores in terms of design and offers. Keep up the great work!!!
I love this program and will never go to another grocer--keep up the good work

Establishes Weekly Email Communication
Circular Logic provides content that customers look forward to. More than 75% of the email opens
occur on the first day.
Can hardly wait from one week to the next to get my email. I look forward to this now every week as you target what we use and I don't have to search the flyer...thanks.
I look forward to it each week. I love knowing the things that I usually buy are on sale. Keep up the great customer service.

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